Spotlight on: The blogger

There’s a lot that goes into organising an archaeology research project behind the scenes. From applying for ethics approval and contacting interview participants, to filling in risk assessment forms and organising the equipment needed for the methods that are going to be used, as well as the logistical elements such as transport to the site each day, accommodation and meals. All this means that Kurt, the project leader, doesn’t have a lot of free time.

However, we felt that making the fieldwork process transparent and publicly available would be a huge boost for maritime archaeology as a discipline in New Zealand, as well as a way to raise awareness about protecting these unique resources.

This is where I come in. Working closely with Kurt, I am the self-appointed ‘Social Media Manager’. I won’t get to New Zealand for another couple of weeks but in the mean time I will keep you posted on all the research happenings. Please write a comment if you have any questions or feedback so far! /MF


The blogger on Rangitoto Island on the track to Wreck Bay in January 2013


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