We want you!

We would love to get your comments, questions and feedback throughout the blog, but todays question is specifically for you:

Have you ever visited a ships graveyard?

Please leave some details in the comments box below, like where it is located. Remember it can be anywhere in the world, not just New Zealand! /MF


8 thoughts on “We want you!

  1. Rangitoto, Browns Island, one of the small islands off Kawau (there are more but that’s just off the top of my head)

  2. I’ve conducted archaeological surveys at two ships’ graveyards in New Zealand (at Deborah Bay near Dunedin and at Rangitoto Island), and visited another (Quail Island near Lyttelton). I’ve also helped supervise two documentary film-making classes at the Garden Island graveyard near Port Adelaide. These places obviously represent important heritage value, but are also visually compelling. I think it’s fair to say that I could not take a bad picture during my visit to Quail Island–but this was entirely due to the subject matter and surrounding landscape, and NOT any photographic ‘ability’ on my part!

    This project sounds fascinating and is breaking new ground in ship abandonment/reuse studies. Kudos to Kurt, Maddy and Vanessa–can’t wait to hear the results!

  3. I’ve been to a bunch of ship graveyards across Australia, the USA (mainly east coast), and Bermuda.

    Some really good ones in North Carolina are:

    * Eagles Island Ship Graveyard in Wilmington (see work of Sami Seeb)
    * Elizabeth City Ship Graveyard at Elizabeth City (see work of Lindsay Smith)
    * Wrights Creek Embayment Graveyard on the Pungo River (see work of Jacqueline Marcotte)

    One of my favorites is the Meyer’s Wharf/Convict Bay ship graveyard in St. Georges, Bermuda. See the exhibit about this on the Museum of Underwater Archaeology Online (http://www.themua.org/exhibit_ecu/)

    Looking forward to seeing the results of this NZ fieldwork! Exciting!

  4. Hi there KB,

    Loving the blog and reading all about what is happening with you at present. Huge congrats for your recent presentation and subsequent win in ChCh. Well done to you. Good luck with the research. The interviews will be amazing!

    Take Care.

    (aka LB)

  5. we went several times to wreck (boulder bay as it was known to us locals then) before all the wrecks were dismantled and sold for scrap- to Japan I think. The freshly caught fish were cooked on a portable barbeque wrapped up in wet newspaper before heading back to the bach at rangi wharf

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