The NZ ‘bach’: synonymous with holiday


Pelham’s Pool, Islington Bay (Yoffe 2000, pg8)

“The word bach is synonymous with holiday in New Zealand.”

So begins the late Susan E. Yoffe’s publication titled Holiday Communities on Rangitoto Island, New Zealand. Kurt is not the first researcher to investigate the island’s bach communities. In 2000, the above monograph was published based on Yoffe’s thesis research with the Department of Anthropology at the University of Auckland. She explored the social aspect of community by documenting the history of the three bach communities from their inception to the halting of new leases in 1937. The reminiscences of bach owners and their families formed the backbone of her research. While this investigation was not archaeological, the archival and oral history recollections provide important context for the present archaeological and maritime themed study. To read Yoffe’s monograph click here. /MF


2 thoughts on “The NZ ‘bach’: synonymous with holiday

  1. Thank you for acknowledging Susan’s work, we miss her dreadfully especially her enthusiasm for the bach communities and the people associated with them. The Trust is endeavouring to continue her work, the Heritage Festivals and talks to groups as well as continuing to gather additional social history material. We are looking forward to seeing Kurt’s research as we are sure it will not only be a fascinating read, it will also add to the fascinating history of Rangitoto Island and its interactions with the people of Aotearoa.

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