In perspective

The day is here—we finished our surveys on Rangitoto Island! We recorded our last two bach sites at Rangitoto Wharf by 11:00 and found no vessel material. We then made our way up to the summit to take photos back to each of the communities and Boulder Bay. Along with compass bearings, the photos put in perspective where the communities and vessels are located in relation to the summit. The day was also a stunner, so it gave us workers a well earned 360 degree view of the wider Auckland area. It was a refreshing change from dense bush and coastline, although you can’t really complain either way.

After the summit, we made our way to Wreck Bay to take some more measurements of Columbia‘s timber frames. This data will be used to determine if the timbers found at the bach sites are likely to have come from the Wreck Bay.

The surveys have been completed and it is with sadness we say goodbye to Rangitoto Island, although I think our legs are looking forward to a break! There is still a lot of work to be done and over the coming months the results will be compiled with the final thesis submitted in December. /KB

Waving goodbye to Rangitoto

Waving goodbye to Rangitoto


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