Kurt Bennett is currently completing his Masters of Maritime Archaeology degree at Flinders University, South Australia under the supervision of Dr Wendy van Duivenvoorde. His thesis research will investigate salvage and re-use of abandoned vessel material on Rangitoto Island, New Zealand. Specifically, he will look into how the material has been used to aid the construction of the islands’ baches (holiday homes). Having grown up on the North Shore, Auckland, Kurt has many childhood memories of visiting the island, including hiking the summit, exploring the lava caves and fishing at the Beacon. His research now brings him back after a 5 year (study) hiatus to understand cultural interaction with abandoned vessels and to promote maritime cultural heritage on the island. This also includes documenting a disappearing historical resource (the Rangitoto Island bach) before it is too late. For further details please contact him using the contact page.

Maddy Fowler is in the last year of her PhD studies in maritime archaeology at Flinders University. She is investigating the participation of Indigenous peoples in maritime activities at a mission in South Australia. She is interested in researching Indigenous participation in maritime activities in the post-contact period in other places around the world, including New Zealand. For more information please see her IPinCH Associate profile,, and for a list of publications search Maddy Fowler at​.

Vanessa Sullivan is a Master of Archaeology candidate at Flinders University. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, she moved to Adelaide, South Australia to pursue her academic interest in Indigenous archaeology and cultural heritage management.

Howard Bennett (volunteer/skipper of Chinook)


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