Rangitoto Ships Recycled—Radio New Zealand National interview

Over one year on and the abandoned vessels and bach communities on Rangitoto Island continue to capture the interest of the public. A recent radio interview by David Steemson from Radio New Zealand is now available online.


Today is indeed another day—and not just any day #dayofarch


Good news to report this morning—the ferry is running today and Kurt will be arriving at Rangitoto Island as I send this update. Today he will be working at the bach community of Beacon End. Tonight he will be able to share his findings with not only us but also the international ‘Day of Archaeology 2014‘. This is a fantastic initiative revealing what archaeologists really do on just one day of the year—today—around the globe, so make sure you check out not only Kurt’s entry but also some of the other work being done in NZ and abroad! /MF

@ the NZAA Conference

Today, Kurt got to present his thesis research on the Rangitoto Island ships’ graveyard and baches to a New Zealand audience for the first time, at the NZ Archaeology Association Conference in Christchurch. Although he has been at Flinders University in Adelaide for almost 5 years, he’s obviously still a Kiwi through and through—even Auckland Uni want to claim him! /MF


Kurt's abstract in the NZAA Conference Program

Kurt’s abstract in the NZAA Conference Program